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Refereeing Q&A

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Dean Clayton has very kindly offered his services to answer your questions on refereeing and marking.

Please post your questions below and your reply will placed in the comments area.

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Gallery coaching

Q&A Posted on Mon, January 15, 2018 21:18:19

There is a tendency for members of the gallery to offer advice during the game, comments such as “Great drop shot, more of those”, “Well played, more like that “,
“Keep them in the corners” etc.
If I am marking, I tell the culprits that any advice can only be given between games, and not within earshot of the opponent. Occasionally, I have said if gallery coaching persists, the culprit would have to leave the gallery.
Gallery spectators generally look at me in disbelief !
Please clarify what can be said from the gallery in between points in a game.


Q&A Posted on Sun, February 05, 2017 10:32:00

Hi Dean,
Can you clarify the questions below.
1) Are you allowed to turn?…………………..

2) Are you allowed to play the ball between your legs as in tennis and squash ie with racket behind yur back and play ball forward between yr legs.

3) If you dont jump / stay on one or two of your feet ie feet dont leave the floor can the ball
pass between your legs without touching skin or clothing an d you play it off the back wall.


Q&A Posted on Tue, October 18, 2016 20:42:35

Hi Dean,
A racketball question on Service.
The server hits a serve and it goes short of the line, the receiver can elect to play the shot or not and if not then a 2nd serve is given!!! I understand this.
A server serves the ball and the serve goes 1st bounce into the same quarter as they have served from, but on the 2nd bounce the ball bounces into the receivers quarter!!!
Is this serve a foul or is it the same as a short ball due to the 2nd bounce going into the receivers quarter and then becomes a 2nd serve???
This happened twice last night in a team match. We didn’t know so we elected to give the player a 2nd serve.



Q&A Posted on Mon, May 09, 2011 00:14:01

Hi Dean,

I think I will start the ball rolling for the Q&A.

The question I have is how much talking can a player do on court during a match. If a player is constantly talking to his opponent after the rally has finished is that aloud?

I was marking a match and the player came off court after the first game complaining to me about his opponent talking after the rallies. I did not think the talking was excessive. Is there a limit to the amount before you need to ask the player to stop doing this.

I assume you are aloud a certain amount of banter between players.